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61 Experience

Thank you for reaching 61 Experience. We are currently closed until we are able to find new mental health providers. If you are interested in a position, please email

Your Trauma Experts

Mental health services that work

Housing Consultations & Professional Statement of Need (PSN)

Get one or both done in one visit

Faith Based

Creating the option of faith in healing

Trauma Therapy

More than just talk therapy


Family and Couples Therapy

Options for all ages

Negative experiences impact us all differently

You feel out of control

It takes a lot away from you

You shouldn't have to experience it

Negative experiences can create lasting impact, 61 Experience has brought a team of experts to help you get "un"-stuck so you can pursue your dreams. 

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You deserve to live in FREEDOM

The process is simple

1. Contact Us

2. Work with your expert

3. Live in Freedom

Our Narrative

At 61 Experience we watched negative experiences steal life from those we love. Talk therapy is only part of the healing process. There is a reason your body remembers moments differently than your mind. 61 incorporates "bottom up" therapy and other tools to help your body get "un"-stuck so you can live in freedom

We have created a team with strong values to guide you in your journey. 


An interdependent network


Capacity to move forward


To believe in possibility


To trust in second chances


The journey should be full of laughter

You can experience true healing

We want to work with you regardless of your circumstances. You are your greatest asset. 

Laughing Over Lunch


1 West Water St Suite #230

St. Paul, Minnesota 55107

Call or text: 651-404-3337

Fax: 651-374-9077

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