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61 Experience was founded so you can experience freedom. Here is a list of the services that allow you to pursue that freedom. 

Housing Consultations and Professional Statement of Need (PSN)

Get one or both done in one visit

We understand you need these documents for stable housing. We at 61 Experience created visits just for you. Schedule your Housing Consultation and PSN in one visit. If you only need a PSN, we have a scheduling option for that as well.

Click 'Schedule Now'. Select Housing Consultation or Professional Statement of Need Only.

If you need more information on what a Housing Consultation can provide through Housing Stabilization Services (HSS), click HERE.

This conversation gets us really excited! Trauma-or as we say negative experiences-can actually be overcome and you can experience healing! It takes a holistic approach to help you heal the entire mind, body and soul.

61 utilizes a bottom-up approach incorporating Experiential Therapies that allow your nervous system to unlock the trauma stuck inside.  Most people experience "hyper" emotions (such as anxiety, anger, or OCD) or "hypo" emotions (depression or fear) at times the brain knows it shouldn't. The body is remembering something and can't figure out how to discharge those emotions at the appropriate time.


The therapy at 61 teaches you the tools to be "un"-stuck in those emotions so you can move forward in your life.

Trauma Therapy

More than just talk therapy

Faith Based Thearpy

Creating the option of faith in healing

61 Experience believes in a Christ based healing. This healing is accessible to actually experience the new life described in the bible. 

God is so much larger than we give credit. If you share this belief we will walk with you to discover the promises of healing in scripture. 


We want all to experience healing. Therefore we will serve and work with all faith backgrounds regardless of your belief or value system.  

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1 West Water St Suite #230

St. Paul, MN 55107

Call or Text: 651-404-3337

Fax: 651-374-9077

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Everyone deserves peace at home. Sometimes navigating relationships can be difficult.


We also know adults are not the only ones who struggle. Children and teenagers face difficulties every single day. These difficulties range from small moments to large life altering events. We can help no matter the age or level of difficulty. 

Whether it is navigating your relationships with your significant other or concerns with your kids, 61 Experience provides tools and resources to help you create the solutions that work for you and your family.

Family and Couples Therapy

Options for all ages

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